The title of our documentary series is Petroglyph to Pixels and our theme revolves around the idea that Indigenous art is a continuum, a perpetual essence, from rock art to the electronic screen.

This series began as a profile series featuring the work of 13 artists. Having had the unique opportunity to explore notions of indigeneity among many intriguing artists, professors and curators, we quickly learned that we had just tapped into a treasure chest of thought and ideas. Some are radical. Others are traditional. Yet the approach to art is somehow tied to history, to dignity and the pursuit of truth. The artists and their stories are entertaining and provocative.

The series hopes to capture a snapshot, a moment in the continuous cycle of artistic growth in the world of indigenous society. In Canada, we have endured unfortunate histories, the disintegration of our languages and alienation of our rights to lands, resources and wealth. Such history has not gone unnoticed by the arts community. Indeed, our creative community represents a growing number of disaffected First Nations, Inuit and Metis.

Episodes are narrated by Marianne Jones and she co-directs some of the documentaries. The series and this website have been written and directed by Jeff Bear.

Our approach to the series is to let as much of the artists’ views become the narrative of the story. In some stories, we have interviewed curators who have helped to unravel elements and depths of the artist. The series has captured some important thoughts and ideas about an aspect of our cultural life.

Art is many things. It is personal. It is political, passionate and poetic. Art is sensual, fun, a remedy, a healing agent for pain and loss. Art releases ideas to inspire others. Art moves a nation. Art will bring our spirit back.