Petroglyphs to Pixels: The Continuity of Indigenous Art. A documentary series that explores how thoughts and ideas become art.

Art is many things. It is personal. It is political, passionate and poetic. Art is sensual, fun, a remedy, a healing agent for pain and loss. Art releases ideas to inspire others. Art moves a nation. Art will bring our spirit back.

De-colonizers Heavy Lifters

Episode 1 - Alex Janvier
Episode 2 - Rosalie Favel
Episode 3 - Lou-Ann Neel
Episode 4 - James Hart
Episode 5 - Nadia Myre
Episode 6 - Lawrence Paul
Episode 7 - Dozay Christmas
Episode 8 - Teresa Marshall
Episode 9 - Skeena Reece
Episode 10 - Manasiah Akpaliapik
Episode 11 - Alan Syliboy
Episode 12 - Connie Watts
Episode 13 - Jeff Bear

Indigenous Art Continuum